Personal training
Tailor made programs just for you in a private gym session. These workouts are created to help you reach your goals and push yourself further than you thought you could go! We will start with an assessment of your current status, then I will design a program specifically for you and your goals. We will go through all phases of strength training that include stabilization endurance, strength endurance, muscular development, max strength, and power! Within a few weeks of consistent training, you will recognize your body beginning to adapt to the program and feel stronger in the gym and in your everyday life!

Group fitness
This is a fun and social way to achieve your fitness goals. You will be motivated through the group accountability of wanting to show up each day knowing you are not doing this alone! The exercises are set up in a circuit and will be done in an specific amount of time with limited rest. This method allows you to challenge your strength goals at your own pace as well as improving your cardiovascular function. More importantly, this allows you an opportunity to connect with people in the community as you push toward your goals together.

Online training
Do you live too far to drive to the Lion’s Den? Maybe you prefer to workout at home, but you just need someone to tell you what to do! Online training is just for you! These workouts are designed just for you and you have access to a video library to remind you what each workout looks like. We will begin these sessions with a consultation to determine your current fitness level and then we will design a program specifically for you.

As a holistic nutritionist, I want you to feel your best. We will dive deep into all of the aspects that make up your health – exercise, food choices, sleep, stress, and so much more. We will determine your current level of health and then design a protocol that addresses your wellness from a 360* view as we take into account not only your food intake, but also other the other factors that influence your health. We will look into natural solutions that will allow you to live your best life!